Saturday, March 17, 2007

back in vancity

so here we go...... a week a away from the bullshit. seeing how the real world works. forget animation, an industry full of ass sucking production coordinators who think that they actual do something to get the product done. when in faCT IF YOU REMOVED every one of these up tigh,t stick up the ass, bean counting, mutha fuckers the work would get done better and faster because you don't have some asshole hovering over your shoulder asking if you are done yet.

any other industry in the world does there job to the best fo their knowlegde because they are the experts.....but for some reason, animtion hires these fuckin coridinators to tell me how to do my job.....FUCK YOU. I KNOW what i have to do....the problem is that you have conviced your boss that you can make things faster by cutting this person or that person...THIS IS NOT A CAR FACTORY is a creative industry based on intellect, brain power and creativity....not just man hours. sure you can save a dollar by cutting wages and shortening the schedule but it is going to look like your mom after a gang bang..played out and slutty. time to start listening to your employees and not the spreadsheets....fuck your numbers. we are artists and we deserve a fair share. if you don't listen i promise you that we will destroy your bullshit studio with the development head and cfo's and all these other assholes that think they are responsible for making cartoons, this is our lives and we want them back.

the gonzo nation is taking over


Ramooooooone said...

Did you know it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile? A white man who talks like he was a black gangsta once told me this......

Johnny Gonzo said...

but it takes LESS muscle to bend over and take what a studio producer that I used to work for said to the worker bee.