Character Design Library

by J Frank Oliwa

Vanity of Vancity(Graphic Novel)

IncidentalCharacter(Graphic Novel)
          Lust Vegas (Graphic Novel, Clothing Graphic)

Rough Development

Ehch 4 Oh ( Graphic Novel)

Rough Development

Envy (Graphic Novel)

Gluttony (Graphic Novel)
Amy CrackHouse (Evelyn Evelyn Music Video)

Beach Babe (Graphic Novel)
Greed the Devil (Graphic Novel)
Rage (Graphic Novel)
Marcel of No No Spots (Promotional)

Shawne Merriman (Online Pitch)

Lemar and Sway (music Video Pitch)

Lethal Bizzle (music Video Pitch)

Vanity of Vancity (Graphic Novel)
Empire (Graphic Novel)
Sloth (Graphic Novel)
Glut Babe (Clothing Graphic)

lil L.S.D (Graphic Novel)
Lucy Savard Dion (Graphic Novel)
Vancity Babe (Graphic Novel)

Vancity Babe (Graphic Novel)

Envy the Mech (Graphic Novel)
E_Knee_Bree_A_Tion (Graphic Novel)