Short Films/Animations

by Frankie Bachvagio

Music: Massive Attack
Direction:Robert Valley
Animation, Composite, Edit, ink and Paint: Jorden Oliwa

Music:Evelyn Evelyn

Direction: Alex De Campi
Animation Design and Compostie: Jorden Oliwa

Music: Martyr Index
Direction, Design and Animation: Jorden Oliwa

Music: BJ Block
Direction, Design and Animation: Jorden Oliwa

Music: Danny Floyd Cole
Direction, Edit: Jorden Oliwa

Direction: Chris Tougas
Animation and Storyboard: Jorden Oliwa

Music: Beastie Boys
Animation Direction and Edit: Jorden Oliwa

Music: Stevie Wonder
Direction: Jorden Oliwa

StoryBoard: Jorden Oliwa
Animation: Studio B

Design and Storyboard: Robert Valley
Animation and Composite: Jorden OIiwa

Design: Peter Cheung
Storyboard and Layout: Robert Valley
Animation: Jorden Oliwa

Music: JellyFarm
Direction: Josh Mepham
Storyboard, Animation Direction: Jorden Oliwa

Monkey Skate
Uploaded by joliwa. - Independent web videos.

Music:Rossini_  Overture:William Tell
Directed Design Animation: Andres Miranda

Directed and Animated:Felix Betschart
Voices: Cory Evans Peter MacAdams

Directed and Animated: Todd Ramsey

Animation: Dallas J Bolton