Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the GOOD, the BAD, the UGLY

the GOOD,

Alright, finished my freelance weekend while all you employees worked another monday. In at 9ish to walk around, get coffee, settle into your desk, check your email, and one or 2 of you might have checked here.

Nothing?.....just some promotion about someone none of you know.....yet. Jeff's story is an amazing one of a guy with the courage to follow his dream and to walk away from a life that everyone conforms to because of the fears of reprocussions of pissing off their boss or missing and insanely set deadlines. He completely walks away from a "sucessful" company in urban Toronto to pursue his dream of being a pro surfer.... that right there is a role model. He knows he is doing something different and he started a social network to share his knowledge. check the site, shiftbeyond.com

Some have asked for an apology or a kiss and make up session.....FUCK THAT! I have nothing to apologize for, I did not start any person attacks, people taking exception to my opinion decided to make this personal. I believe, in all the things i have brought up here........

BETTER WAGES to match the insane cost of living in the most beautiful city in the world.

The RAPID growth of an industry that will not support it, not enough quailified animators will eventally water the product down . (ready yourself for the bust by cross training, be adaptable)

OVERSEAS business models for an in house business climate. (QUALITY not QUANTITY)

BLAMING a SYSTEM that is too old to change.(any business can change no matter the size, it's up to the people running it.)

OPEN SOURCE business models, non existant in animation, then we would all really know how seriously under paid we are.

Collaboration is key, shared interests mean shared profit, especially valid in a business based on creativty.

CREATE YOUR OWN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.... you have an idea, put it on a blog, on a website, in this age your idea is not original, it's just a matter if you do something about. you do not need some out of touch exec telling you to tone down you silly cartoons, if you like it there is an audience that will watch it......YOU tube is taking over the world.......how many of you are on there... virtually none..because you work so hard on your day job you can't be bothered, so the site is filled with moronic content of people getting hit in the nuts and bad lip syncing of pop music.

the UGLY,

we are society raised on drama...we love it. makes us forget how boring and mundane our jobs are.


alf_kam said...

"I did not start any person attacks..." Assuming that you meant PERSONAL attacks, I'd like to point out that on your original "...ripped off," post you had referenced the studio more than once (even tagged the thing!) and posted a scan of a poster that referenced an employee by name, the studio and even the show. I notice now that all of that info is no longer on your post. I'd like to commend you on your ass-covering skills. Good skill to have these days, eh?

Johnny Gonzo said...

ass-covering skills huh, you of the completely untraceable blog entry ...everyone seems sure on who i am, yet the only ones who posts back are just silly no names(with a few exceptions). now it was my choice to let everyone know that i am not happy with my job....why don't you reveal your ass so that everyone can see that you actually have a lot more to gain by disputing me than i have to lose by exposing how no one has a gotten raise without exponential responsibility in over a decade...... the issue of wages....standard storyboard wage

1997- $1500 a week
2007- $1200 a week if you are lucky and expected to do key animation as there are no layouts anymore.

1997- layout artist $1200 a week
2007- Build supervisor$ 1000 a week

I hope you got a raise for your stellar defense on the running of studio. I think the particular studio in question was on the forefront of raising this industry in vancouver, kudos for the past, but the future is different and changes need to be made for us all to work in this biz without these studios imploding.

the "poster", if it was such an amazing opprutunity, why are so many feathers ruffled by evryone seeing it and forming their own opinion.

The Tracker said...

Dude, how many jobs have you had to leave cuz u couldn't get your work done. Or leave the rest of us holding the bag. Weren't u on the new ren and stimpy? kind of? til u couldn't hack it? Maybe if u spent less time bitchin about studio b and bardel an more time gettin ur own shit together u'd have a leg to stand on. also i notice how all u did on the ass covering comment was belittle the person who called u on it instead of explaining why u removed it. nice dodge. put up or shut up mr big mouth. im sure u'll have something amazing to say about this too. probably the same ol shit u keep sayin over and over mixed in with a bit of cock measurin. awesome d00d.

Johnny Gonzo said...

the tracker....are you kidding me........? holy shit, you are going to bring up ren and stimpy.... a classic example of doing your job because you love it so much you don't need to live.....that is the worst example, the best animators on that show....THE BEST, lived on rice for 2 weeks because of the dickheads exploiting us. I don't care what your job is if you spend 50-60 hours working and the people running it have no problem milking you for it because you LOVE YOUR WORK.... it's called exploitation. the collective B's look like saints compared to the shit they pulled on ren and stimpy.

again....here i am standing out in the open, your hiding, and you are spouting about a job you know nothing about.the tracker....ha.

Kevy Metal said...

I've only been in this industry for a little over 6 and a half years, and from my experience, I've only seen things improve... work-wise, wage-wise. I gone from working just about everyday (holidays too!) to where you're actually told to take your stat holiday. Wow- Considering where I started, that's a step in the right direction. I've stood up for myself, and when supervising, for my crew... and hopefully passed that on to them in the process. You have to look out for yourself when you choose your career, but that seems like common sense.

I understand that every job/studio is different, but one has to be responsible for the choices they make. One thing that has worked for me is communication... It might take awhile, but eventually results will happen. I've weathered a few storms in this business and come out a smarter, more responsible, not to mention more appreciative person/artist.

My goal with every job is to jump in, watch out for myself, and kick ass. Regardless of what some might think about that, the main thing is that the right people do notice... and while it may not last forever, at least I'll know that I took care of my crew and treated them like people.

The Tracker said...
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Johnny Gonzo said...

kevy metal....nice one, i agree you have done great in this biz, i even have heard of your work from some irish people in new york that are very impressed with what you are doing....your the exception, you started when when everything headed south and you started at, the reasonablely lesser B. If you would have started at the same place at betterB you would see, the difference in the rates for a supervisor also have dropped, sure they are better than an animator's but not what you deserve.

why do think there is no work in LA..we are doing it here for a hack rate and even better.

the tracker..ha..heehehehehheh

The Tracker said...
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macaronni said...

Hey tracker, I see you got interesting views on Jordan's (aka J Gonzo) skill as an artist..

Sure anybody can be a critic..

But you know.. when one's working in this industry.. I find it very VERY annoying to see artists question other artist's skills when they're not even better than the person he or she disses..

So how 'bout it eh? Let's see your work. And while you're at it, you could introduce yourself :)

I am sick and tired of people saying what they want without even having a name to back them up.

The Tracker said...

who said skillz man, i said work ethic. artistic talent is subjectave. this is about not being able to hack it and blamin others for CRAZY QUOTA and WAKKY DEADLINES.

THE O.M.A. GENERAL said...

I hate all these chicken shit bitches hiding behind your creative INTERNET HANDLES. Let’s see those big ol' nuts hang if you are REAL FUCKIN' TOUGH GUYZ! So far the only brave ones until me and Kevy Levy with a picture by his name like a CHAMP!

By the way learn how to spell GONZO'S real name, it's been on enough fuckin' credits screens! It's JordEN, the key ingredient is the letter E not A. If you’re going to get all personal and duke it out over the net like bitches then SPELL ALL YOUR MIGHTY JABS CORRECTLY!!! Copy the shit and paste it in WORD before you post your silly rants!

Dallas J. Bolton
(You know where to find me if you want to say something!)

The Tracker said...

rokk on dullas

macaronni said...

Whoa! Easy there Dallas.. :P

It's my mistake for misspelling JordEn's name.. I only know heard his name in person.. And yes.. that was my bad.

If you want to know me, my name's linked to my profile, all you need to know about me is right there really :)

Apparently I've upset you Dallas and I'm sorry to agitate the wrong person that I was going for.

Mac Ko

THE O.M.A. GENERAL said...

Yo Big Mac, I wasn't trying to go at you for that rant of mine! I was trying to get guys that talk shit without any proof of backup to the shit that they say!

Jorden and I have been down since we turned 17, and when people go after your brother with lame ass, slander, and plain ol' jealousy something needs to be said! I was in no way going after the good people that just want to make good cartoons and aren't scared to stand by their REAL NAME!

Anyone that has known Jorden knows the kid busts his ass when he works on a project. Some people after getting their CHOPS in the business tend to refine and specialize there talent and skills into an area that makes them happiest! Jorden has reached that point in life. He knows that the only way he will be truly happy in life is if he does his own thing. Or is backed by people that understand his vision! The kid hasn't been working pretty much non-stop before he even graduated VFS because he is a DICK RIDIN' HACK, HE PUT IN THE BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS! So many people out there know that if it wasn't for ASS KISSING and HANDOUTS they would never even make it in the door! I learned from the start you can either get ahead in this business from hard work or if you spit or swallow and anyone that walks through life on their knees is just going to get FUCKED!

He busted his ass harder than most of the people in some of the positions of POWER these days! How many people in the game right now should THANK JORDEN for helping them get their start or their foot in the door! The ones that usually hate are the ones that didn't pull their weight!

I had to bring it to the front on how things should go down if you are too scared to face what might come your way! It's like back when you were growing up; everyone has heard the saying, "IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!" If you do have the balls to call someone out then remember the other saying, "YOU SHOOT YOUR MOUTH OFF, GET READY TO TAKE PAY THE PIPER!"

Jorden made his choice to start this blog and I am sure he with every post he makes he knows what he is getting into. I stand by Jorden but believe me I don’t always agree with what he says or does! I stepped up to him for a lot of people out there that were posted up on the NATION LIST! Why do you think your names went away so quickly! True artists are sensitive people, and we react with uncontrollable feelings when we feel we were wronged by someone! Why do you think 50 CENT, BIGGY and 2 PAC were shot? Jorden isn't stupid and Mr. B knows that. Why do you think they both blew a fit when one shat on the other! I remember at one point in his career Jorden probably looked up to Mr. B and Mr. P as a good example of how to keep it going and take chances! I know I respect them to a point with their drive to keep it movin’! Even if I haven’t always agreed! We also know that Mr. B still knows how much of a force Jorden was when he was willing to follow their lead!

It's starting to sound like I am the only one on here that remembers the good ol' days. When drawing and friendly competition fueled our hearts instead of EGO and MONEY! We work from the HEART in this business. That's why there are people that work 24/7 just to get the show out! ANIMATION ISN'T a career for everyone. I look at it this way ANIMATION IS A LIFESTYLE YOUR EITHER BORN INTO IT or you CHOOSE TO DO IT. The ones that succeed and have been in it for 10-20-30...years or more LIVE THAT LIFESTYLE CAUSE THAT'S ALL THEY KNOW! So don't hate what you don't know, that shit is just plain IGNINT!

So I apologize to anyone I may have offended or indirectly threatened to stand up just know your facts before you SHIT FROM THE MOUTH or else your JUST AN ASSHOLE!

Dallas J. Bolton

THE O.M.A. GENERAL said...


Dallas J. Bolton

THE O.M.A. GENERAL said...

I also agree with BIG MAC on this, TRACKER quit hiding and step forward! QUIT PLAYIN' BITCH BOY and step the fuck up! We are dying to get to know a true talent like yourself! Shit if your scared to add it here, mangledmarauder@hotmail.com is my MSN let's talk!

Dallas J. Bolton

The Tracker said...

cool man. ur use of CAPS and fowl language has convinced me that ur right. maybe ir is wrong too say stuff about peeps who get fired an quit an burn bridges cuz they relly bust there asses an dont deserve it. i feel bad now :(. if u ever use bad judgemen one day, dullas, i hope peeps is more forgiving 2 u. doubt thatd happen tho rite man.

THE O.M.A. GENERAL said...

Still one problem with your last post TRACKER, you still hide behind your alias. Step forward and become a person not a tag!

Dallas J. Bolton

The Tracker said...


valerie.h. said...

how do i meet tracker...cause i am a little in love

andrea.s. said...

trackers comments are hilarious.
nicely put.

tracker-use it.

teflonbuddha said...

Like whoa scoob...this has all become one big pissing contest.
Everyone take a deep breath...ahhhh now isn't that better.
We all want to make the big bucks n get the "mad props" we deserve.
I know I do and I will when it's the right time.
There are some valid points being tossed around but is this really the way to do it kids?

Here's the deal:

The studio is gonna do whatever the hell they feel is best for them...not you.It's up to you to cover that area.
Learn what you can, where you can.
Take what you know and get in the game. I have been at the shitty end of the stick a few times and felt quite defeated. Even when these "powers that be" failed to recognize the error of their ways, it turned out to be a blessing. I learned A LOT on that job which lead me to greener pastures.
Sure I felt like bustin a cap in a few asses ( that's for you Dallas)
but what would that do? Nothing constructive.
I guess what Im getting at is this..World domination can be yours. If you want it, go get it! Anger only breeds anger. As a wise friend of mine once told me a story about his father. Whenever he was having a hard time with something..ie.
" Dad, I can't open the door!"
He replied "First, you have to be smarter than the door."

teflonbuddha said...

p.s my real name is Tony( coughing under breath revealing last name)

Kevy Metal said...

Hey Teflonbuddha- Great post, bro! I haven't worked with you really until recently, so it's cool to hear/read your insight and know that we share some positivity. Cheers!

serdna adnarim said...

A lot of us have sacrificed to work and keep the job year round which is usually 6 or 7 month's of work.(hopefully cause thats how many months you need to collect unemployment).
We are told indescretely that we must work over time with NO PAY.(which usually equals a pissed off girlfriend, wife, or wife with kid, are just your bros saying hey what ever happened to andres?)

Animators in Vancouver are disposable. The animators know that, and the studio's know that, thats there leverage over you.

Those of you that know me. know I have been through a lot of shitty times, which I will not bore you with.All I know is that your boss dosnt want you to have fun.Me and another person had to be seperated
cause we having a good time at work, and making our deadlines everyweek I might add.

All I know is Jorden put his head on the chopping block (blog) and voiced his opinion's wether they were right or wrong.But he is being honest, and that honesty might have cost him his job and possibly no
employment in the city of vancouver.

But this situation has givin you a chance to voice your opinion under another name and you were heard out too.

Im in Newyork working at a animation studio now and all I can say is: "GET DA FUCK OUTTA DODGE!" or start smoking and drinking heavily.( I think that was some advice Billy Zeets told me one time.)

from andres miranda