Saturday, June 23, 2007

another animated debate.

this is a repost from the site cartoon brew.

For an industry based on creative passion there sure are a lot of complaining going on. the problem with “flash” cartoons is not the program or the artist working the program (after all only a poor craftsman blames his tools) it is the ridiculous system that evolved in a spurt of a moment in the middle of a production when some hack noticed he could draw less by symbolizing a piece of art. With the amount of money the studios in Vancity spend on cintiqs and wacoms why do they just move symbolize parts instead of pushing poses and giving life to our beloved cartoons?

Because you have Tv production studios are based on nelvana’s overseas business model… a boxcar process(you can start the next step till every scene has completed the previous step). There is a potential in flash that is completely unexplored because of the extreme shortsightedness of these studios. With just a couple weeks and a couple artists a newer, looser more appealing style and production model could be developed….if the studios could explain to the CFO’s what development was and it’s importance to an industry based on evolving technologies. But that is big business….nothing us animators know anything about eh? There is a lot of bad cartoons on tv and let’s not kid ourselves….tv animation is about exploiting children, not about doing quality work, you want quality?

Quit this industry that tells you it’s steak and feeds you shit. The mass media, especially TV is based on using cartoons to sell products not evolving art. If it was animators would be recognized for the renaissance artists they actually are instead of the creative slave labour they are treated as. FUCK TV.


ZSL said...

I agree wholeheartedly.

It seems like an enormous incredible waste of time to make hundreds of layers in flash, and turn every single thing into a symbol and wriggle it about.

Why not just make 2 or three layers and just redraw things? It'd be simpler, easier, more fun to draw, and look 100 times better? Especially if you have a cintiq and can draw directly onto the screen. That makes flash one's own little Lightbox.

Johnny Gonzo said...

i am preparing a how to video of animating week july 3. check back then.