Friday, June 15, 2007


where's johnny? that's what i have been hearing for the last couple of months.....did those studio fucks get the best of you?

Hell no! but i will bet they are getting the best of's that time where everyone in the studio praises god they are ending their contracts, no more quota, no more tracker breathing down your more pushing so hard on churning out a mountain of crap that your head is ready to every lil worker bee scurries around sucking up to the power mongering producers looking for the table scrap of next job. such is the cycle...... and it continues cause we feed them.

since the days i got let go from the worst show in the world it has gotten considerable worse.....

the couch i petitioned for, Gone(10 minutes after i left). It shocks me that you can a room of 100 employees and not one chair to sit on other than at your computer.

id badges implemented in the factory so the bad apples don't sneak in a steal the computers.

morale...what is that, your making cartoons not art, it's not like you need to enjoy what you are doing to make it look good.....JUST DO IT FASTER?

more firings and quiting than you can shake a stick at(something about rats and sinking ships comes to mind)

threatened lawsuits... for nda breaches....ha, fuck you. copyright infringement on a piece of crap show that is easliy accessable all over the net. (the reason the states hates our laws on all things copyrighted......we can repost it, and you can't do shit!)

hahahaha, ha, ha, hee,later....


robot said...

welcome back Mr. gonzo

Johnny Gonzo said...

no worries mister robot....i am always around..