Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WEAPONS of MASS Collaboration

aka the TOOLs of peer production.


These are tools that will empower the Mid-Tail content producers.
(Head being the massive CORPS, and tail being user generated)
Mid tail being the likes that toil away doing the work with the skill, while the head gets bigger distributing and selling your work. This is a classic old school mentality, and people will say i am living in a fantasy and be happy you get paid to be exploited.

It is a different time now. This is an age of participation, you don't like leave a comment, you like it, link it. The internet has provided a low cost infrastructure for small content producers to create products, access markets and please customers like only the massive corps in past.

Along with a bit flash and photoshop every artist in the animation industry has every bit that is required to capitalize on your specialized skills that are coveted so lowly by the execs who need you but don't want you to know it.

All it takes is some initiative and a lil spark of creativity....I know for a fact with almost every poor bastard slaving away on a remake of a cartoon based on card game that is a rehash of another idea, that spark is almost extinguished. Droned into boredom and apathy I urge you to remember the days when you enjoyed drawing, creating , putting yourself into your art. The fear of not having a steady paycheck is a huge factor everytime i talked to disgruntled animators all i get is bitching about this and bitching about that, but when the topic of steady cheque comes up the conversation stops and everyone goes back to their desk.

Do not tell me that if you worked as hard on your own material as you did on your quota that after one month you would not have a library of your own content to tell your own stories and visual ideas to show others. I could challnge my peers but it would not do anything until you challenge yourself, there is more to this animation racket than old cartoons being butchered in flash....think forward, innovate, the world is waiting to see some new.

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