Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Gluttony, originally uploaded by joliwa.

Original Print
Showing @ the Beaumont Gallery
17in. x 44in.

July 27 2007


C Fire said...

so it looks like from your posting time...u wuz wurking till the weeee hours of the morn....

just curoius...now that ur posting your work...(putting your pen where your mouth is.. so to speak).... there seems to be few comments...is everyone only interested in bashing????????

Johnny Gonzo said...

of course.....Talk is cheap...and typing even easier, Time to put up or Shut-up.

I just received an email from a colleague who says he wants nothing to with a promotional calendar i am organizing to showcase a group of creatives, he wants to chose his own path.....that is cool, but what no one wants to admit in animation is that all artists and creatives are part of a user generated network called life.
The animation industry tries to recreate that life in a money slanted environment, hence the cartoons look like crap.I want to be proud of my work, and the only way that can happen is to relax and let it flow....very difficult when you have insanely imposed deadlines and no incentive other than creative burnout.back to the fun