Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 30th event

This is the flyer for the show we are doing here in edmonton, a lil cross promotion, you know get the rock kids exposed to some art, get the art kids exposed to some rock, evryone get drunk and has a good time..oh yeah and we are making music video's outta the whole night. 3 Hd music videos, one for SEX PARTY, one for the MARTYR INDEX and one for No DICE INK inc. Time to make our own content..all sponsored by the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology , the Digital Media Association of Alberta, and your friendly neighbourhood GONZO Nation.
oh yeah and couple kegs on the house till they run out.

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C Fire said...

What a great night... the music was awesome... but the coolest thing was to see those prints up close and personal like, cannot apprecaite the detail in your work till you see it... ...heard some great comments around the table on how people really liked your stuff and how origianl your work was..heard there was even a director there.... awesome night looking for MORE...........