Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Hoodies for sale @ PortobelloWest

check the new graphic from No Dice Ink inc.

Ignore the cut and hit the link for the actual hood we will use

the Unisex CUT hoody


macaronni said...

Crazy amount of stuff since the last time I've came here. Great to see you busy doing what you want to do :)

Imma gonna have to try something for myself too sometime, even if it's little by little.. Get something out.

Johnny Gonzo said...

yeah man...this is just the tip of the icberg....I have 150 page book coming out soon and the clothing line is starting to hit its stride....and not to mention the music videos we are working on too...YOU GOTTA DO IT YOURSELF. Other wise you end up like me...bitter and pissy about where you work.haha, where you at these days? still BARFDEL...?

macaronni said...

Haha I quit Bardel some time ago, working at a small game studio.. It's a start.. Hopefully I can progress from there :)