Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What do you think you can bring to the group?

I feel like I can affect a good section of our industry and other closely related industries. I have a foundation in drawing that has helped my become a digital artist who works in any given medium and loves a new challenge.

As a whole "an Animator" has a skill set and certain talents that give them the power affect large groups of people through the medium of animated moving pictures. These visualization skills by in large as a community are under utilized due to industry standards and practices.

I think the biggest need in our industry is a need for share ware approach to animation as well as some solidarity. My career in the vancouver animation scene has seen large studios exploit the advance of technology and eagerness of workers to the tune of a car manufacturing style industry. Granted we all want to earn a living doing what we love, but great animation comes from the connection that the artist has with his audience not the footage.

Animation needs to be based on the artists, not the guy holding the money.The technology combined with the education of the artists in these industries has potential that will shape the culture of the world.

The last 6 years has seen the process of generating content in our business shift from an analogue to digital form. With this change of technology the process of creating audio visual content has made potential movie directors out each and everyone of us. The difference being a matter of taste. I think that every artist represents a certain sub section of the the population of the world...the marketing guys call em niches.

The traditional problem is the ability to get an artists work out far and wide enough to have effect on enough people to survive on your artistic means.

I have recently worked in the building industries. The thing that I noticed most in the 'Business' of the building trades is the respect that one has for another in a similar trade. Contra, freelancing and
prestige are all reasonable forms of work. We are actually all builders of stories, just following the zany blueprints in our heads.

Some people I have expressed that thought to were like, oh this guy wants to start a union. It's not at all like that because it becomes a lifestyle when you are truly doing you something you truly love, you can put your passion into "it", as opposed to just working for some man upstairs. If we all share our lil nickel dime ways to make money and give credit to those that help us along we have the start of new business model.

I am honestly quite turned off the animation/entertainment industries that cater to the mass media and hope that we can develop a new set of standards in our passions turned careers.

I look back and I think I'm spouting off again but then I see so
much potential in my peers, compared to so much crap in our mass media culture, I think changes are needed. the only way I have found to do this is speak with integrity, and don't take things personally. Asking questions and trying my best fills in the gaps.
good to met you electronically and look forward a meeting in person.


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