Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gonzo Mural_In Progress

Left pan roughed out
drawn from the 1/2 inch by 4 inch thumbnail, right one next,
copies taped in
time to redraw
But before we draw the party pan we gotta do some thumbnails

Alright, Back to the pan.The 2 thumbnails for each pan are in the bottom of the page. I copied up the thumbnails from half inch, up to 4 inches high. These pans are printed 8 foot by 1 foot on the wall in the venue. this picture one is 4 inches by 32inches.

Draw mVthaF@cka draw.
So that is both left and right pans roughed out at a 1/3 of the final size...
Copy me baby..
the 4 inch on gets 200% blow up
the 3 inch one get a 250% blow up.

Now we're mocked up to 2/3rds size with a copied blowup taped and ready for a redraw.
S0 thats 14 pages of party in the next couple days.
I'll keep ya updated.

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