Thursday, March 1, 2007


The Modern day flash animator is expected to be proficient in a number of areas that were formerly left to multiple departments. Number of department eliminated by your modern day Tv flash

1.Layout/ Character Posing....who needs good posing? we have motion tweens!!!

2.Exposure Sheet.....rough timing suggested by an experienced director, now done by any student who can operate flash.

3.Key animation....force a bad flash build into a rushed board pose and call it posed

4.Animation button. CREATE TWEEN.

5.Clean the dinosaurs, replaced by vectors

6.Ink and considered animation.

7. Camera...again compositing is a job that a flash monkey is great at.

8.Effects.....well your great at 1-7, why not just do some effects to.

Now i have learned all these things at different times and been paid varying rates but today i get less for knowing more, classically and technologically and have to teach more. All the while my boss gets a bigger and bigger cut of the cash. All for the little kids sitting at home being brainwashed by an obsolete box that is an opiate to defenseless children.

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