Thursday, March 1, 2007

Rant #1

The actions of my current employer has sent me into a fit of rage. Working as a classical animator
at Bardizzle on a chaos filled televison show, I have fostered my hate for an overinflated sytem of production that only benifits the top 1% of the work force on the production. This system is of course based on an overseas production model. Everything has to be idiot proofed and tracked to the point of redundancy. I have seen this system evolve to an exterme where in house there is a 1 to1 ratio of management/supervisors to artist.

The major problem is that technology has evoled televison animation to a point where a crew 5 can take an 11min show from script to screen ready in the span of a month and a half. Compared to a traditional model of 6months and somethimes hundreds of artists. The outstanding turnaround time is not the problem, the problem is that the corporate studios in this town have noticed this and shaved every posssible penny and every second off the schedules to slit each others throats to land that glorious television contract.

It is unbelivable that i have worked in this industry for almost a decade now and make less of an average salary than my first job out of school. All in a city with one the highest costs of living in the world. To recieve a salary comparable to 1997 i am expected to supervise up to 10 animators with less classical skill sets and almost no experience. And as supervisor your duties are almost a 100% clerical, typing notes into big brother style "tracker" is considered to be the top job. The internet and flash has made it possible for any one with a ounce of creativy to be a storyteller, yet we are all still working for the man who has told us we cannot do anything in animation with out an army of suits to filter our talent to a boring blandness. I am fucking sick of it and this the start of an effort to inspire any person with an idea to get off your ass and do it... coming soon
No Dice 4 life


DdK said...

There's a fine line (if any) between the animation house and the running-shoe factory!
I think that would be a fair comparison considering the criteria include 60-80 hour weeks on salary and (at least at this place) no benefits for the first YEAR!
Cartoons are like hot-dogs: Everyone loves 'em 'till they find out what goes into making 'em!

Johnny Gonzo said...

also like hotdogs in that, they are made of lips and assholes..mostly producer lip on executive asshole. Less asskissing more drawing.