Friday, March 30, 2007

comment of the WEEK

murky said...
I am an anonymous outsider who was fwded your blog with the headline, ‘This jackass lost his job cause of his blog.’

I worked for Bardel 10 years ago and made much less than what was quoted on your blog. I was shocked at the working conditions. Everyone felt like they were being taken advantage of, yet collected their paycheck and always showed up on Monday. The fact that Bardel is in business 10 years later still shocks me.

If you want money and success, move to the United States and find strong business partners. I moved here 7 years ago and in 2003 I filed my biggest tax return with an income of $267,000. Right now, I am negotiating to sell my IP for $35,000 with a salary of $95,000. I am not even close to being the most talented Animator, but I aligned myself with smart business partners in a profitable environment.

Vancouver has neither or I would move back. People make the choice to stay at Bardel and Studio B for a variety of reasons that go beyond their job, such as family, or the privilege of living in Vancouver. All of which I respect.

I am looking at this post and I am confused. If you really believe in your convictions, you’d service the Gonzo Nation better by spending your evenings getting incorporated and finding investors. You have highly talented members and with a lot of hard work you could create a demo and start a studio. Then you could show the industry how it should treat its talent…

Then you could also learn what it’s like to be a boss. There is a huge schism between the business of being an employee and the business of well… being in business. You’ll quickly learn that employees can be highly unappreciative and unreliable. You will also learn that yes, you get higher rewards, but they come at a high risk of losing everything as well. Bosses don’t get to cross the street and work for another boss.

If neither of those options are for you, then go be a surfer. There is definitely a time to tell anyone in any industry to ‘go fuck themselves.’ But to continue making inflammatory posts under the guise of humor or a “revolution” is disturbing. I’m genuinely concerned that you could have a personality disorder and therapy with medication would help you greatly.

Now I will go back to quietly trolling

March 28, 2007 8:15 AM


Johnny Gonzo said...

i would like to thank all the people who commented on the blog of the Gonzo'D Johnny.Good or bad let's open our eyes.

You have influenced me, and your words will affect my posts in the future. It's the weekend, take it easy..... next week the GUNZ come out.

dan szilagyi said...

i like your words my friend, so much is so true.
i hope you dudes do well!