Friday, March 30, 2007

the GOLDEN APPLES of animation

Plus 20 seconds in a weekend isn't that hard, if you like squeezing out TURDS. Marv Newland told me once that you get 3 choices when deciding how a project will play out.


Now pick 2, seems like most studios and the BIG industry is all about SPEED and BIG MONEY, the CANADIAMERICAN DREAM! So maybe if we all slowed down a bit things wouldn't be so painful to work on!

I think that is the true goal of the NATION!

Dallas J. Bolton

a nice lil comment i saw on a previous post.

another thing i would like to comment on is a certain tracker that likes to take credit for the hard work of others, another disease that infested our business. Now this is not specific to one studio or person but there are some that do it way more than others. This is another reason the quality in our work has degraded, you have " directors" that approve animation that has already been checked by an animation director , that has already been checked by a lead animator, classic case of an inflated budget due to too much top end and fewer people doing the work on a tighter timeline for less money.

at one point at the last studio i wasted my time at the schedule was so ridculous, i was expected to work over the christmas break, do an amout of work alotted for 3 animators and upon completion was informed that i was already 2 shows behind. That is a breaking point, i have been called out for not hitting my deadlines. It's a double edge sword, impress your boss and slit your own own throat at the same time.


Gina Williams said...

That's a very valid point, but in all fairness, that guy did say NEXT weekend, so wouldn't that give you 9-11 days to do 20 seconds? I agree with the turd comment if it was just one weekend though for sure. I must admit that I'm a bit disappointed as I was looking forward to seeing what you'd come up with :(. Wish I had time to do it myself.

Johnny Gonzo said...

I could rush and slap something together to please a person who i have no interest in pleasing, but then i would i have stayed in the studio system.
July 7, 2007
that is the day i launch my project that i have been writing, drawing, and animating all myself over the past 2 years. there will be a teaser upcoming though. i will post when it goes up.

ThePONY said...

If it's anything like "Massive Swerve" it should be well worth the wait...

Johnny Gonzo said...

oh dude..... you said the magic words.......Swerve LEFT, Swerve Right....there is nothing greater in this wolrd then animating things you love...on your own schedule....anyone SEEN Valley lately? where is that guy?

serdna adnarim said...

Dude left from Newyork to London. To do some Gorrilazz shit. I havent heard from him since.