Friday, March 30, 2007


hey y'all,

so here we are another fanatastic week of animation fun. i have been busy for a guy that according to some is talentless and a bum. Oh yeah and i shoot my mouth off all the time.....BLAH ABLARGA BLAHA BLA H BALOGA BBLOG BLA Bblog, ha, yessir i am a big mouth. You BET! Some of the nation memebers invited me upto whistler for a fine day of spring riding for some research and developmet of a nifty lil project we have going called ENVICIOUS Racing. Check out LUST, Ehch and RAge there in the postcard.

Oh and check the video we did last season at Carl Kuster Montain Park.
a quarter of the way down the page you will see
Carl Kuster Alpine Sledding
check it out

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