Wednesday, March 7, 2007

disgruntled animator needs real job.

I was in a pub, surprise, surprise, and everywhere i looked was angry animation artists.....the more i blog the more injustice i see in this biz. the last couple of days i sat at my life sucking station and made a huge effort to be positive. Didn't work. I don't want to be a whiny bastard but in a business where you tell anyone outside of it they shit there pants , and are like....OHMY GAWD, you have the best job in the world.... this is my motivation for thinking that i need to positive.

then i think of this..

Kaizen (改善, Japanese for "change for the better" or "improvement", the English translation is "continuous improvement", or "continual improvement.") is an approach to productivity improvement originating in applications of the work of American experts such as Frederick Winslow Taylor, Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Walter Shewhart, W. Edwards Deming and of the War Department's Training Within Industry program by Japanese manufacturers after World War II. The development of Kaizen went hand-in-hand with that of quality control circles, but it was not limited to quality assurance.

and the opposite, televison animation production.

If every artist i knew took this philsophy to heart we would have a world full of stories and experiences that could be shared amongst everyone without the fear of being exploited. I know that the whole blame of current state of the animation is not on the fact alot of it is on us, The artists, the creative, the talent. We will roll over , don'tt ask questions, and do what ever they tell us with out a fight..".free training"....OKAY, don't want to lose my precious job. "Work weekends, you know, cause you love your job"........sure because i love not having a social life, i love making stupid amounts of money for my boss so they can work 3 days a week.

here is a question....? what would happen if we all stood up for ourselves and said fuck you, knowing that the passion in my life, my art is worth more that some one who crushes rocks for living, selling my soul for a salary that barely makes the ends meet.

Here is a challenge to every person one of you so called creatives, say fuck them, take a day off, walk away and see how fast those shitty fucking cartoons that the kids love so much get done.....FUCK THAT. the date will be set tomorrow, the fucking walk out. Let them know, with out us there is no product. I wanna see a producer animate a war scene between 50 monsters in a week.


macaronni said...

WORD dude!

I said that to fellow co-workers.. Most seem to be afraid to do that..

Well I guess 'burning bridges' IS dangerous in Vancouver.. But like you said.. we need to show them that artists are the last kind they want to tame..

If they thought art business can be managed like the other business, then they are truly wrong!

Johnny Gonzo said...


DdK said...

I put most of the blame on the noobies. Sorry guys, it's true. In order to make your mark, you're willing to work overtime and weekends for scale or worse, free! Which, in turn, creates competition between you and the veterans. You might think: "the competition lies in the talent, not the hours." Well, you're wrong, very wrong! Producers think 'quantity' NOT 'quality'. I am not above guilt, I was there. And so the perpetual cycle continues well passed the day of which the noobies will be making the same complaint.

Johnny Gonzo said...

and the blame goes to the producers EXPLOITING the noobies.....why because they know the frail artist ego straight outta school is easy pickings.....

and the vets are FUCKIN sick of it and they need people to replace us.....


Simon Piniel said...

Blame it on me! I don't get a saying as long as I NEED a job in the industry in order to stay in Canada... It takes 3 YEARS (hopefully) until immigration has a look at the application for permanent residence I submitted.basic

Simon Piniel said...
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