Monday, March 5, 2007

Feature quality ,Television budget

Working at Tv production house for years has made me resent this particular "art form"...which really it is not. It is money making machine thinly disguised as an animation factory. The problem is that in a product that requires creativity. The schedule says it has to be done in a week, it's gonna happen, but it ain't gonna be good. The televsion industry has fooled itself into thinking that there actually is such a thing as quality tv animation. And flash has convinced the same people that it is cheaply produced. HAha the joke is on me...and you and every other animation artist, it ain't good and it ain't cheap, but it does line the pockets of the broadacst execs and it does exploit our children into becoming consumeristic monsters.

The reason i mention a feature is because of my wonderful employer has annouced it will begin production on a feature. The first 3 things that i have heard about it after i was told that i am a perfect fit for a lead animator role....
1.we want top notch animation. do at least 20hs of training on new software.
3.we have small budget and can not afford to pay for training.

BULLSHIT I say...after a quick trip to the labour bc website i forwarded my finding to the proper suit on the porduction. The resopnse....."oh, sorry you misunderstood, the is training optional."

Fine then i will train on the job....If they still want me. 15 min ago i talked to another person doing the training, who was unaware it was optional...of course, it's only optional if you ask for pay....other wise you are expected to be there.

In an industry that is completely taxed for experienced talent it is completely disheartening to see a company refuse to invest in it's future and promote and reward it 's best. Instead we are expected to bend over and do top notch work with no pay and no lube.....Sorry, if i am going to do free work i will go home and work on my own ideas. Feature my ass, don't bother, why drag the standard of another industy down....haven't exploited enough people yet? It's an amzing business plan, but what can you expect from an industry founded on overseas can always find cheaper and faster, but it ain't gonna be better.Or maybe it will because there are a ton of students willing to step up a do the FREE training.

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