Friday, March 23, 2007

a good one

this is so good it needs to be on the main page.

Cartoon bafoon said...
Wow, seems like all of the Vancouver's animation scene is reading this. If you are so high and mighty Mr. B, then why are you trying so hard to squash Dr. Gonzo like a bug? What Dr. Gonzo is talking about is nothing new, half or more than half of your wonderful employees are disgruntled because you and the other juggernaught studio have made 'skimming off the top' the norm.

Dr. Gonzo is far from a bum, he is a raw dog and maybe a bit quick to bitch about the present studio climate. He, in essence, is an artsy type, one that doesn't want to deal with the business end, and that thinks because he's creating the pieces from blood and sweat, that he deserves the bigger piece of the pie. Whether he's right or wrong is why we have such a heated debate right now. Whether he is or is not, one thing seems certain, he better be willing to go it alone, because he's just ostracized himself from you and the other 'B'.

Now you Mr.B. You and your partner made this studio from the ground up, that IS admirable. You have weathered all movements of the industry for decades, very few can say that. You've come near bankruptcy and made alot of money, all on other people's blood. You used to be an artist, now you don't even have a drawing table in your office, just a giant oak table and a filing cabinet. You have produced some Canadian A grade products in the past, and at the same time behind the scenes being a sexist, arrogant jerk. I remeber a certain someone's wife was leaving her job of producing for you after 10 years (she happened to be a woman) and all you could say was "When I think of---- I will always remember she had a great body", very classy Mr. B. When you were laying off most of your studio in the mid 90's as they were leaving their jobs wondering about rent you had movers bringing in work-out equipment. You and your studio breed elitist attitudes and brag that the other B is cheap and produces crap work, but it would seem now that YOUR studio pays even less than the other B, and has itself produced alot of crap. In the end you really don't give a shit about any of your employees, and they know that, so when something shifts and you will need to rely on them don't expect them to give a shit about you.

March 23, 2007 9:56 AM


alf_kam said...
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alf_kam said...

Hey Cartoon bafoon:

Just so you know, Mr. B DOES have a drawing table in his office. It's pretty hard to miss. If you took the time to look, you'd occaisonally see him in his office, sketching out an idea for a character design, fixing background or even futzing with a storyboard that didn't quite cut the mustard.

I'm guessing you call yourself an 'artist,' but when was the last time YOU fixed a character design, made notes on scripts, worked on a series concept, sold a show to Jetix, sat on three different boards for arts organizations, oversaw production of eight different series (and more in development) and ran a company with over 200 employees? All in the same week, without strangling someone in the process? If that's not an art, I don't know what is.

I know it makes you feel all safe and warm to separate the "artists" from the "boss." Say what you will about the man, but he's putting just as much of his blood into this process as all of you are. Maybe more.

That's all from me. Please carry on with all of the bridge burning.

Johnny Gonzo said...

is bridge burning as fun as getting blacklisted?