Friday, March 23, 2007

the NATION list

Notice the link list? I have recieved calls, emails and posts from some of the people on the orignal list of animators and artists that i know and associate with and they were upset for various reasons. I am of the thought that maybe people are concerned about losing a paycheck, paying the rent......etc. So i do not want anyone to lose their jobs over my matter how ridiculous that sounds. It was not a blacklist i intended to create but a visualisation of all the amazing talent that i am surrounded by.

I am tired of being quite and feel the topics i bring up need to be heard.


sass gordon said...

Hey Jordan.

Just to clarify for you, as you seem to be missing the point, I think, as to why the link list is an issue.

Personally, my not wanting to be on your blog link list didn't really have anything to do with me being scared of being blacklisted or anything. Nor did it have to do with my friendship with you. I think you are a nice guy, and still think that.

It had EVERYTHING to do with the fact that I do not share the same feelings you do regarding the industry and the revolution you mentioned a couple times.

Since your blog link list wasn't called a "link" list, it was called a Nation Member list I felt that it would be unfair to you and myself if i was kept on the list as it implied some sort of alliegance or agreement with you. Because, as you said, it was the Gonzo NATION that would be taking over; but I didn't sign up to be a part of that nation.

Like I said before, you have your right to your opinion, and so do I.

Hope that clears this isssue up with you.

Johnny Gonzo said...

thanks gord. i understand what you are saying.....glad to here your feedback.

macaronni said...

Keep rocking! Hope this Internet Power you mention takes off in a positive route!

Johnny Gonzo said...

yes , yes it will....

This comment has been removed by the author.
THE O.M.A. GENERAL said...

Yo dawg, I would like to thank you for removing that list. I however would like to remain and you can also add my blog:

I just feel that alot of the people in our industry feel the same way you do but don't want to cause waves. I feel the same way you do about the money but I love making cartoons so I continue to work my ass off in hopes of archiving that BIG MONEY we are constantly in search of. We have always had great success in our collaborations and will continue in the future. Although your ideas sometimes make me scratch my head and they seem to work out in the end. So stay tuned for the next One Man Army Design/No Dice Ink visual assault!

Johnny Gonzo said...

non wave causing people is what corporations are founded on........ don't buck the trend i will sue you.


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