Thursday, March 22, 2007

the power of the internet.

And the debate opens up.

B said...
Hey Mr. "Gonzo".

After knowing you for so long I was a bit surprised to see such bitter venom in your blog and to see another example of a weak person hiding behind their shiny little keys and stirring it up. I would have given you more credit than that. Too bad that you don't have the balls to do that stuff in person.
You should take your own advice and grow a spine.

I would also like to comment on your earlier blog, "A great opportunity to get ripped off"
To answer the question that you posed to the world," Do you know of any creator that actually got a show at Studio B"?
Aside from the fact that I could care less about what you think I want to point out to you that many people here have been a part of the creation of our shows.
The Dan vs. contest is not a call for creating the show. It's to find a cool design and pay for it, even if it's on a cocktail napkin. That is the way we always do it here and if your head wasn't so far up your own ass you would be aware of that.

More importantly Jordan, most of the shows are created by "artists" and in fact are shows that my partner and I have created.
The differnce is that us "artists" had the balls to put our money where our mouth was and created a studio that employs a lot of great people and makes a lot of great shows. We didn't sit back and gripe about the fact that the world owed us a living.
I would have thought that by now you would have realized that no one just hands you 8 million dollars to go create and produce a series just because you are SO creative.
I guess that's why you're still a bum.

Oh and by the way, regarding your little co-ordinator rant, that was a little close to home, don't you think?
Have you never heard the phrase "Don't Shit Where You Eat?

Stick your head back up your own ass and breathe deep Gonzo. The real joke of your blog is that it's all a bullshit facade anyway but you don't have it goin' on enough for anybody to give a crap.

Nice knowin' ya.


March 22, 2007 8:14 AM

I have gone on rants and now someone who has taken particular offense my opinion, has stepped up, mister "B". Now i could respond with personal attacks about my your ass and my bum and various things being inserted....i won't. Instead i will review some of the past.

I am extremely grateful for all of the opprutunities that every studio in town that has let me learn and grow under their systems have afoorded me. These systems started in a different time....when no one had a cell phone, the internet was non existant, and animation required an army of people to do it. This was only a decade ago. I have had the chance to learn about the net, mobiles and flash, and have seen that 8million dollars for a show is ridiculous. I'm not sure that spouting about how much money that goes through that system is a good idea ,especially when most of the artists that sit at the desks making the funny cartoons don't actually get anything propotional to what they should. So if there are 3 shows, that sounds like alot of money to me, and being an artist i can't add...but i am sure some out there can figure it out.

My first job.... great pay, an intense amount of learning, and awesome co-workers. I progressed through this system and learned as much as possible. After about 2 years i realized the system was not going to work for me. alot of political jockeying to get the dwindling wages and jobs. Then technology took over....brought all the jobs back, but keep the wages plummeting. I would have thought that a product that is supposed to make an animators life more effecient would help them be make more of that elusive 8 million. nope, the boys saw it as more room for profit, and skimmed it and called it a lower budget. You cannot use an overseas production model for show that is animaetd in house, break down the walls and communicate your staff. THEY are talented but you stuff them into a peghole that limits them to uninspired drivel that we call series work.
time to go back to being a bum with no the way if anyone has listened to me in person the last six months they know that i say everything i write about OUT LOUD..over and over and over and over tile it get me fired, it's up to you to listen or not.


Wax master said...

so "B"
do these who are a part of the creation process get the CREDIT....

and as a should care what those who are making you your money are feeling....
750 for a character design and full rights to it.... is this a fair pay for this work????

You may have had the courage to put your money with your mouuth and hired people but have you remembered with out these people you would have no show or studio?
it sounds like you need to take a hard look around to see what is creating the stink...

Wax Master said...

and more food for though..."B" obvoiusly an "er" saying all is good... gonzo is disgruntled....and yet

artists types have asked for their names to be removed as they are afraid of repructions of the assocaition????

tedrex said...

Yo dude, this is Ted Wilson here. Just like to ask you to take my name off links list please. I'd really appreciate it, thanks.

Ms Sensitive said...

Hi :)

If people don't want to participate, nobody is tying them up and forcing them to draw for $750. I don't think it's a fair pay at all so I'm not doing it but others disagree. That is their right. Also. All the people who are suddenly asking that they are disassociated with you are the true spineless ones. Just cuz you are friends with someone doesn't mean you have to agree with all of his or her opinions. I don't think anybody is making a hit list of people linked to this guy's blog. Or are you just paranoid pansies? Sure he is ranting but that is between him and the guys he is annoying. Shouldn't y'all be working instead of reading blogs anyhow? lol

macaronni said...

So many people posting without revealing who they are..

Power of the Internet indeed.

Hey Mr. B, if you know Jordan personally, why don't you 'lecture' him in person? Instead of posting your words in public trying to stir things up yourself.

Reveal thyself!

Cartoon bafoon said...

Wow, seems like all of the Vancouver's animation scene is reading this. If you are so high and mighty Mr. B, then why are you trying so hard to squash Dr. Gonzo like a bug? What Dr. Gonzo is talking about is nothing new, half or more than half of your wonderful employees are disgruntled because you and the other juggernaught studio have made 'skimming off the top' the norm.

Dr. Gonzo is far from a bum, he is a raw dog and maybe a bit quick to bitch about the present studio climate. He, in essence, is an artsy type, one that doesn't want to deal with the business end, and that thinks because he's creating the pieces from blood and sweat, that he deserves the bigger piece of the pie. Whether he's right or wrong is why we have such a heated debate right now. Whether he is or is not, one thing seems certain, he better be willing to go it alone, because he's just ostracized himself from you and the other 'B'.

Now you Mr.B. You and your partner made this studio from the ground up, that IS admirable. You have weathered all movements of the industry for decades, very few can say that. You've come near bankruptcy and made alot of money, all on other people's blood. You used to be an artist, now you don't even have a drawing table in your office, just a giant oak table and a filing cabinet. You have produced some Canadian A grade products in the past, and at the same time behind the scenes being a sexist, arrogant jerk. I remeber a certain someone's wife was leaving her job of producing for you after 10 years (she happened to be a woman) and all you could say was "When I think of---- I will always remember she had a great body", very classy Mr. B. When you were laying off most of your studio in the mid 90's as they were leaving their jobs wondering about rent you had movers bringing in work-out equipment. You and your studio breed elitist attitudes and brag that the other B is cheap and produces crap work, but it would seem now that YOUR studio pays even less than the other B, and has itself produced alot of crap. In the end you really don't give a shit about any of your employees, and they know that, so when something shifts and you will need to rely on them don't expect them to give a shit about you.

Johnny Gonzo said...

YEEEEHAAAAAWWWWWWW, giddy up boys and girls, it appears that i am not the only one with a jaded opinion..of course i kne wthat one, but it great to here it finally.

mr baffoon, i am not scared of the business aspect, i am building my business properly, content FIRST, not a bunch of overhead and desks and lawyers with gigantic salaries. Other wise though thank you for stepping up to the plate.

Skroonk said...

Why does Cartoon Bafoon's description of you sound like an autobiography?

Johnny Gonzo said...

i wish i knew.....maybe i ain't as shitty as some other people want you to think.

Skroonk said...

Fair enough, that's cool that you're getting support from other animators like Johnny Baffoon...I mean...Cartoon Gonzo...I mean... I'm glad there are "other" people out there that share your beliefs.

Later Cartoo...ehem...Jordan.

Ms Sensitive said...

If that post is from the same guy skroonk then he has suddenly discovered a spell and grammar checking program and then quickly undiscovered it. =)

Ann O. Nymus said...

Well, 'B' is either Blair or Bartleman's assistant since the latter doesn't actually know how to read or write....
Uhmm...creators? I've been told that there was once a poster put up in the studio looking for ideas saying they (the studio) would give approximately 17-18% of the final deal. This of course was rescinded once the show was up and running and the two B's swore that poster or percentage never existed.... The show was Yvon of the Yukon.
So....'B', all these comments are correct when any of them say that you guys are shysters. Chris, that means disreputable, unethical or unscrupulous...(hmmm, sounds like Rob Simmons too..)

As per usual, you didn't read what was being written, and just instantly over-reacted...which is what leads me to believe that Bartleman's assistant wrote it from his dictation.

But you’re right ‘B’, you and your life partner have created a fair number of shows, and as long as they take place in a class room, you guys are gold.

Cartoon Buffoon is correct in that one day when you need those animators, they won't give a shit, but Gonzo, you need to realize that these pricks will send it all overseas as soon as it is a nickel cheaper than it is now. It is a business after all...thank the gods that none of these studio heads is running a hospital or it would just be called a morgue....

I can't wait for the day when the American studios see the actual payroll these studios have as opposed to the budgets they submit...and that day will come....
f-o-r-e-n-s-i-c a-u-d-i-t…….

Every animator in Vancouver would be well advised to seriously consider another trade or town since one day everyone will be replaced by a new crop of graduate students willing to "shut the fuck up and just do the work."

Oh and Studio B would be nothing if not for Blair, since everything Bartleman touched got fucked up and needed Blair to come in and save his sorry useless ass.

And the strength of anonymity is that it allows people to express their concerns without fear of losing their jobs....the owners don't have to worry, but the younger animators/designers/slaves like me do.

I believe some guy named Antonucci got that elusive 8-ish million dollars for being 'SO' creative, so B, pull your head out of your ass and do some are nothing.

See ya tomorrow.

Ann O. Nymous

Johnny Gonzo said...

wow, ann, i missed this comment for a while but i am truly impressed with it.... here, here.