Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stirring it up.

A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.
Bertrand de Jouvenal

If i was more of a professional i would be sitting a desk getting my life drained by a digital tracker, thanking the lord that i get nice pay cheque without having to exert myself. just do that staus quo that has been set oh so low by years of mediocre schedules and too much meddling by no talent directors/producers, who suck great ass.

Instead i am going to write in this stupid little blog and push these shiny little buttons. I am going to think, heehhee ha, i can't believe i have the power to say something and you are going to read it...be impacted.....some will agree, some will be upset, because i am ungrateful, or angry or bitter when in fact i am very happy. I am very proud of myself in the fact that i have caused some people to actually stand up say SOMETHING....ANYTHING, i don't care if you agree with me or not but fucking WAKE UP!!!!! Grow a spine, stand up , do something for your self. You have more ability, talent and tech savy than any artists before you. we are the cream of the crop, yet paid like slop.
Ehch 4 Oh
the blackest white cartoon you ever seen.


sass gordon said...

Hey Jordan...

I appreciate that you have an opinion with regards to this industry, but I don't share the same views, even remotely. Would you mind removing me from the list of people in your Gonzo Nation. I'm not a part of that. Thanks man.

Johnny Gonzo said...

no problem sassy one.

robot said...

video meliora proboque deteriora sequor

Johnny Gonzo said...

Yo espanol es muy malo. i think.....my spanish is brutal.

B said...

Hey Mr. "Gonzo".

After knowing you for so long I was a bit surprised to see such bitter venom in your blog and to see another example of a weak person hiding behind their shiny little keys and stirring it up. I would have given you more credit than that. Too bad that you don't have the balls to do that stuff in person.
You should take your own advice and grow a spine.

I would also like to comment on your earlier blog, "A great opportunity to get ripped off"
To answer the question that you posed to the world," Do you know of any creator that actually got a show at Studio B"?
Aside from the fact that I could care less about what you think I want to point out to you that many people here have been a part of the creation of our shows.
The Dan vs. contest is not a call for creating the show. It's to find a cool design and pay for it, even if it's on a cocktail napkin. That is the way we always do it here and if your head wasn't so far up your own ass you would be aware of that.

More importantly Jordan, most of the shows are created by "artists" and in fact are shows that my partner and I have created.
The differnce is that us "artists" had the balls to put our money where our mouth was and created a studio that employs a lot of great people and makes a lot of great shows. We didn't sit back and gripe about the fact that the world owed us a living.
I would have thought that by now you would have realized that no one just hands you 8 million dollars to go create and produce a series just because you are SO creative.
I guess that's why you're still a bum.

Oh and by the way, regarding your little co-ordinator rant, that was a little close to home, don't you think?
Have you never heard the phrase "Don't Shit Where You Eat?

Stick your head back up your own ass and breathe deep Gonzo. The real joke of your blog is that it's all a bullshit facade anyway but you don't have it goin' on enough for anybody to give a crap.

Nice knowin' ya.


Laz said...

Hey, Jordan!
You never ask my permission that you're gonna link my blog to yours. Until today at the studio, when I ask what's the fuzz is all
about, and they told me about your blog's contents, I would have never known it.
I appreciate your views and
your courage but unfortunately, that's not how I look at it. Therefore, we don't have the same
views on that. And I just thought that my blog's link is improper to be there. Can you just remove mine
on the links? Thanks.

Johnny Gonzo said...

no probelm laz, no problem.

THE O.M.A. GENERAL said...

To all the disgruntled employees and associates;

Ok, ok, ok! Before someone ends up with an ass full of lead or tire print across there face lets call this one a draw. If you check the real problem in animation today I would say it's FLASH! Sure it takes along time to do animation using flash but think about how much longer it took when we used to draw the shit! The real enemy here is MACROMEDIA or should I say ADOBE now!

With today’s economy and fluctuating dollar, we should be happy all this shit isn't going overseas. I know studios don't expect us to work 24/7 but with places in India and all of the Far East studios doing this stuff in half the time for half the pay we have to stay competitive. If you want to make the money we used to make back in the day, THEN START A SIDE COMPANY. Animation "SWEATSHOPS" are great for full time work and a steady pay check but the real money comes from you promoting yourself. It only costs 60 bucks to register a company and 30 bucks for a name search. So get on it. When the ARMY goes into battle in the competitive field believe me shit doesn't come cheap. It is very easy based on your skills and ability to make triple the amount you get in studios run by others. Also you have to think about the rent, electricity, all that filtered water we drink day in and day out the shit adds up. So quit bitchin' and do something for yourself. Quit crying about the harsh world of FUCKIN CARTOONS! This shit is only hard cause we make it that way. If it wasn't for the fact that you want to show off for your friends in the industry no one would have to stay 24/7.

EGOS are a motherfucker, and until you learn to check that shit your just going to end up black listed and out of work. Remember it takes SKILLS TO PAY THE BILLS!

Dallas J. Bolton a.k.a. DallyB

By the way I am giving props to Mr. B and Gonzo on this one at least the two of you had the balls to stand up for your cause! No kiss and make up, because we all know the Studio B Xmas Parties wouldn’t be fun without the two of you there!