Friday, June 29, 2007

GREEDY bitchez animatic

this some of the latest going on at No ice INK inc... It's a teaser animatic for the Feature we are cooking up at the studio, all based on the Graphic NOVEL "the SINS of a GONZO Nation" starring Ehch 4 Oh by Jorden Oliwa

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WEAPONS of MASS Collaboration

aka the TOOLs of peer production.


These are tools that will empower the Mid-Tail content producers.
(Head being the massive CORPS, and tail being user generated)
Mid tail being the likes that toil away doing the work with the skill, while the head gets bigger distributing and selling your work. This is a classic old school mentality, and people will say i am living in a fantasy and be happy you get paid to be exploited.

It is a different time now. This is an age of participation, you don't like leave a comment, you like it, link it. The internet has provided a low cost infrastructure for small content producers to create products, access markets and please customers like only the massive corps in past.

Along with a bit flash and photoshop every artist in the animation industry has every bit that is required to capitalize on your specialized skills that are coveted so lowly by the execs who need you but don't want you to know it.

All it takes is some initiative and a lil spark of creativity....I know for a fact with almost every poor bastard slaving away on a remake of a cartoon based on card game that is a rehash of another idea, that spark is almost extinguished. Droned into boredom and apathy I urge you to remember the days when you enjoyed drawing, creating , putting yourself into your art. The fear of not having a steady paycheck is a huge factor everytime i talked to disgruntled animators all i get is bitching about this and bitching about that, but when the topic of steady cheque comes up the conversation stops and everyone goes back to their desk.

Do not tell me that if you worked as hard on your own material as you did on your quota that after one month you would not have a library of your own content to tell your own stories and visual ideas to show others. I could challnge my peers but it would not do anything until you challenge yourself, there is more to this animation racket than old cartoons being butchered in flash....think forward, innovate, the world is waiting to see some new.

Monday, June 25, 2007

BEYOND yer Average TV animation

FUCK YOU>>>>>>

take your industry and shuv EM up yer ass.

the GONZO nation isHERE and yer gonna come and CHECK OUT our SHOW.

JULY 27, 2007

the BEAUMONT studios
5th and ALBERTA.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

another animated debate.

this is a repost from the site cartoon brew.

For an industry based on creative passion there sure are a lot of complaining going on. the problem with “flash” cartoons is not the program or the artist working the program (after all only a poor craftsman blames his tools) it is the ridiculous system that evolved in a spurt of a moment in the middle of a production when some hack noticed he could draw less by symbolizing a piece of art. With the amount of money the studios in Vancity spend on cintiqs and wacoms why do they just move symbolize parts instead of pushing poses and giving life to our beloved cartoons?

Because you have Tv production studios are based on nelvana’s overseas business model… a boxcar process(you can start the next step till every scene has completed the previous step). There is a potential in flash that is completely unexplored because of the extreme shortsightedness of these studios. With just a couple weeks and a couple artists a newer, looser more appealing style and production model could be developed….if the studios could explain to the CFO’s what development was and it’s importance to an industry based on evolving technologies. But that is big business….nothing us animators know anything about eh? There is a lot of bad cartoons on tv and let’s not kid ourselves….tv animation is about exploiting children, not about doing quality work, you want quality?

Quit this industry that tells you it’s steak and feeds you shit. The mass media, especially TV is based on using cartoons to sell products not evolving art. If it was animators would be recognized for the renaissance artists they actually are instead of the creative slave labour they are treated as. FUCK TV.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New gear for sale.

finally got an amazon store up and running. a start more gear to be added soon

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

artist management

why is it every studio in vancouver thinks it s a huge's turning into the movie office space.....Bill lumbar walking a round asking what is happening? I learned recently that a studio or 2 has hired consulting firm to teach the upper management how to control the artists makes laugh because if the studio heads put the same effort into cross training the artists you will need less manangement.

why has no studio in van realized that their greatest assets are the artists.....not the head of productions or the cfo's or the coordinating production overseeer manager?

Friday, June 15, 2007


where's johnny? that's what i have been hearing for the last couple of months.....did those studio fucks get the best of you?

Hell no! but i will bet they are getting the best of's that time where everyone in the studio praises god they are ending their contracts, no more quota, no more tracker breathing down your more pushing so hard on churning out a mountain of crap that your head is ready to every lil worker bee scurries around sucking up to the power mongering producers looking for the table scrap of next job. such is the cycle...... and it continues cause we feed them.

since the days i got let go from the worst show in the world it has gotten considerable worse.....

the couch i petitioned for, Gone(10 minutes after i left). It shocks me that you can a room of 100 employees and not one chair to sit on other than at your computer.

id badges implemented in the factory so the bad apples don't sneak in a steal the computers.

morale...what is that, your making cartoons not art, it's not like you need to enjoy what you are doing to make it look good.....JUST DO IT FASTER?

more firings and quiting than you can shake a stick at(something about rats and sinking ships comes to mind)

threatened lawsuits... for nda breaches....ha, fuck you. copyright infringement on a piece of crap show that is easliy accessable all over the net. (the reason the states hates our laws on all things copyrighted......we can repost it, and you can't do shit!)

hahahaha, ha, ha, hee,later....